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5 products to have in your ready to go bag

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I told myself this year I would always have a bag ready for when we wanted to take a quick trip to a local beach, park or pool. I was actually able to put this together easily with Go Organically. They sent us a goodie bag full of exciting products to share.
Go organically
If you haven’t heard of Go Organically, they are fruit snacks.  But, a little healthier then your normal ones. At Go Organically®, they believe Fruit Snacks should be made with Real Fruit. They source USDA certified organic fruit and other ingredients to offer the best, most authentic and delicious snacks for our family. You have to try all of their mouth-watering varieties for a taste experience you can feel good about.
5 products to have in your ready to go bag
Now that you know a bit about Go Organically, I am sure you can guess what I will be having in my to go bag.  Here are 5 items I keep in our to go bag :

  • Go Organically fruit snacks – These are an easy toss in the bag kind of snack.  Kids love them and are asking for more. I always have to bring a snack everywhere we go, kids are always hungry.
  • Bathing suits –  a bathing suit for each child.  You just never know who will be with your so I keep them all.
  • Towels – I only keep 2 towels in there, I have 3 kids but one is small and they can share.
  • Sunscreen – If I didn’t keep this in the to go bag, I would totally forget to bring it.
  • Baby Wipes – These are super handy when it comes to cleaning up a mess or wiping hands and faces.

5 products to have in your ready to go bag5 products to have in your ready to go bag

That’s it, that’s all I keep in our to go bag. It is easy to keep it right by the door or even in the car.  For all of our recent trips to the beach, I have been thankful it has been in the car because sometimes these trips are not planned.

What did you keep in your to go bag this summer?

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  • laurajj
    August 27, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Oh our little one loves the fun fruits, I have to try the Go Organicall! I love how healthy they would be for him!!! I love to keep a box in the car!