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still love it :: some summer favorites

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Still Love It Some Summer Favorites from The SIMPLE Moms
Sometimes when I read other blogger’s reviews online I wonder how much they still love XYZ product a year or two down the road. Will they still use it every day? Will it hold up to years of use? Will they find a replacement that they love more or that has better features? Today I’m re-sharing a few of my favorite reviews for items that I am still using regularly (in some cases daily) between 3 and 4 years after I first discovered them.

Before I share just a few of my favorites along with the original review link and a small update, I need to have a little disclaimer. The products shared in the various reviews linked below had been provided to me at the time of those original posts, however no additional products or compensation have been provided to share these links and updates with you today. Just like any good friend would do I’m sharing some of my favorite things with you because I truly do LOVE them! All of these items are still available for purchase but note that any listed prices may have changed since I originally shared the product(s).

Without further ado, and in no particular order…

Zoku Fish Pops Molds Easy Watermelon Pops

1. Zoku Fish Pop Molds :: this easy to use ice pop mold has been a favorite with my kids from the first day we got it. I still make homemade pops for them using fruit and fruit juices as well as just plain ice pops when requested.

Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit collage

2. Chico Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit :: this reusable produce bag set has made made our weekly CSA veggie pickups a breeze. Follow the wash instructions and these bags really can last for years!

KT TAPE PRO Blaze Orange

3. KT Tape Pro :: great for everything from strained muscles to sprained ankles. KT Tape Pro has made it possible to keep up with my children when dealing with a recurring ankle injury and you can always find a few rolls at our house.

Bogg Bag Original on The SIMPLE Moms

4. Bogg Bag Original :: whether it is loading our swimming gear to the pool, holding all those CSA share veggies in smaller bags, or toting all the odds and ends that go to and from the car when running errands with kids, my Original Bogg Bag is in daily use.

Planet Flops collage

5. Planet Flops Flip-Flops :: these are my hands-down favorite flip-flops of all time and I have around half a dozen pairs in various colors to wear to the beach, pool, or chasing after water logged kids in the yard. I even gifted a pair to my younger sister this week which means I should probably buy another pair…

Now, these are just a few of the many products that I’ve shared with you all over the years that my family and I continue to use year after year. Any favorite brands or products that you’ve found from us that you still love to use?

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