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While I occasionally still find sometime here and there to go out shopping for fun, most of the time I am out shopping for the essentials. My reasons for choosing stores has definitely changed since having kids, and also since moving to a more rural area. We used to live in a place where options were endless and we were in a time of our life with few time limits.
When I plan my trips to the store, or even when we make a couple quick stops while we are out, they are usually purposeful. We try to plan our trips to certain towns and make the stops at the stores we need so that we don’t spend our days in the car more than we need to. I’ve done more online shopping in the past few years than ever before, and I love that so many places are beginning to offer lower shipping costs and more variety of things shipped right to your door.

Crate Space is a company that has put a new spin on home delivery. There are no monthly fees and no shipping costs. Just your basic, every day products, delivered right to your door. This concept also eliminates the need for clipping coupons and finding the best deals. Crate Space offers a flat rate of $29.99 for 5 of your basic home essentials. You create your own customized crates when you need them by simply adding the 5 items you need to your cart. Crate Space shows you how much you’ve saved based on the MSRP, and delivers your crate of household items. This allows you to get a good price without having to pay a subscription or buy items in bulk.

The items available are limited, but offer a good variety of household essentials. They offer trusted name brands without giving an over abundance of choices. We knew we were going to be expecting family coming in to stay for a few days over the weekend, so I filled my crate with some extras that I didn’t pick up on my last grocery trip. I ordered them early in the week, and couldn’t believe how fast they arrived! We filled our first box with laundry detergent, dryer sheets, paper towels, lavender soap, and plastic cups, and will fill our next one based on what we need then! I love this idea that saves time and money.

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