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safer sleep with a wearable blanket from gunapod

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What is the safest sleep for your baby? At some point, we all think what we are doing is the safest for our baby. But, is it really? You just never know. With the recent events of an acquaintance loosing her 7 month old baby, Sloan, to a tragic accident with a blanket in his crib, I wanted to share an alternative option to keep those baby’s warm. If you haven’t read this story yet, you can here.  I pray for this family everyday. Across the world Sloan is leaving his light, as parents are removing the blankets from their children’s cribs. Which is amazing!
I thought this was the perfect time to share the Gunamuna Gunapod wearable blanket.  The Gunapod is the easier safer SMARTER wearable blanket – for any of your pieces.  Gunapod features the unique all around WONDERZiP® system for the easiest changing and temperature control to prevent overheating.  The WONDERZiP® opens completely from underarm to underarm, with 4 separate pulls functioning in a multitude of ways as you choose.  The most generous fit it has a wider and longer body, shoulder snaps and generous armholes for maximum comfort.

You can unzip the Gunapod along the bottom, to accomodate a carseat or stroller safety strap and allow your baby to kick freely. Gunapod® adheres to the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSIA.  Gunapod recently introduced a new version of their wearable blanket, the Premium Luxury Duvet, the best way to pamper your baby with luxurious sleep. Being extra lush + snuggly, the new Luxury Duvet provides your baby with the ultimate sleep experience. A sleep sack simply doesn’t get any better than this. With super-soft, silky bamboo viscose that envelops premium fill for extra warmth, it feels like a down comforter.
Sleep sacks are definitely a great alternative to a blanket for baby’s in cribs. There are several different sizes, be sure to check out the correct size for your baby.

Plus, all the exclusive features that have made Gunapod the choice of moms. You’ll love it so much, you’ll wish we had one in your size!

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