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Scotties is a well known company and one we know and trust. We use Scotties on a daily basis in our house!

This July, Scotties Facial Tissues is launching a new campaign in partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) to inspire children to be prepared for the school year to help them do their best.  We would love your help.

Did You Know?

According to KINF, students who go without the school supplies they need struggle with self-esteem and perform worse in school than students with adequate supplies?

We want to change that! Here at Scotties, we know it’s the little things in life that matter. Every child, no matter what their circumstances, should have the supplies they need to help them be engaged in learning. Pencils, crayons and paper may seem inconsequential to the learning process, but for a child in need, they can make a world of difference.

Please Join Us! Help Us Spread the Message with Video

We need your help to bring this message to the masses! With the help of your kids, we’d like you to create a video (no more than 45 seconds) having your child answer the following question…

“If you could put one thing in a backpack and then give it to a kid who needed help getting through the school day, what would that one thing be and why?”

Here is what my son said:

1 to 1 Promise!

This is a great opportunity to get your child(ren) involved in helping other kids, because for every video created and shared on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) using the hashtag #ReadySetSchool, a backpack filled with school supplies will be donated to a kid in need (up to 1,400 backpacks total) by Scotties.

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