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This year has been such a new year for me as far as keeping things organized!  I love that I am making small steps toward systems that I know will work for me and my family.  Some of the things that I love about the progress I feel I’ve made, is that I know I’m able to be more productive having things in order.  I have gone through most rooms in the house now, and have gotten rid of things that we don’t need or use, put some things in place to help keep that room in order, and tried to make habits to keep our home functioning in an organized way.

There’s a lot of areas of life that organizing can help!  I just started a new year in my planner, and I love the way a calendar and to-do list can really help the outlook of a week or month.

One other area is a purse, wallet, or diaper bag!  I used to carry a purse around with me wherever I went.  After having 2 kids, I switched to a diaper bag, and I decided it didn’t make sense to carry both. I like to have something that I could easily grab out of the bag if I was running into a store or out by myself for awhile, and didn’t want to carry the whole diaper bag with me. For a couple years now I’ve been using a small zippered pouch.  I love it because it fits my important cards, money, phone, and more!  The more part there has become the problem.  Even though it’s small, I always manage to put way too many things in there!  I often find myself standing in the checkout line of the grocery store, looking for my card, digging through receipts, coupons, cards, and many other things that have found a place in my zippered pouch.

I just switched over to a new wallet from Kinzd!  I love the small size, that is easy to keep in my diaper bag, but also so convenient to take out and use on its own.  It has a place for everything that I need and not much extra room for things I don’t.  It has a main compartment to store just enough cards, and a zippered part with separate compartments for storing other things I need!  I also loved having an extra cosmetic bag from Kinzd on our recent travels to keep my vitamins!  I find when something has a designated place, I’ll be more likely to take the time to put it there.

So, I’ll continue on with small steps toward my goal to become more organized this year!  Each area of success has made everyday life a little easier and a little more enjoyable!

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