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5 fit tips from a 30-ish mom {#MyBestFit}

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The days are long, and the years are short.

Now that I am a Mom, I couldn’t agree with this statement more! Busting our butts from the moment our feet hit the ground in the morning until we slowly pick them up off the ground at night. It’s hard work, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! Time changes, and so does the life we live. When I had one child, it was totally different than now…with four kids. Each kid has a different schedule, it would be totally easy to lose MYSELF with all that’s constantly going on! I have to make an effort each and every day to think of me. And no ladies, don’t for one second think this is a selfish move on your part, you NEED to do this as well to maintain your sanity!

I wanted to share a few little tricks I’ve learned over the years to maintain my sanity, well, most of my sanity. Did I mention I have four kids? Hold me!!

Most of these might seem little, but they are super important, and work very well together. Trust me!

celebrate the successes.
No matter if they are little or small. Celebrate them all! Set small goals for yourself, and as you chip away at them, silently or out loud, celebrate! Make it a game with your kids. I’m a big list maker, and when I check something off as completed, the girls and I have some fun with it. From getting some laundry done to cleaning out the storage room. Celebrate!! You got this, momma!

stay hydrated.
This might actually be one of the hardest things to do, that I’m sharing in this blog post. I am constantly hearing the same from my friends. We all KNOW that we need water, so why is it so hard to consume it? And oh the benefits!! Less #hangry moments, less headaches, you can lose weight easier, your complexion looks more fresh…should I keep going? Ha!

Vanity Fair Sport Collection Sport Bras #MyBestFit
watch what you eat, but not every day.
How daunting can it be when you are watching what you eat, and then you have a REALLY bad day where you want to (and sometimes DO) eat all.the.things. As you add those items to your MyFitnessPal you realize you have completely busted that day’s goal. Move on…tomorrow is a new day! Don’t beat yourself up, just choose to do better the next day!

get support, in more ways than one!
I think ALL moms need some sort of support system. Whether it’s your siblings and parents, your spouse, some girlfriends…or a sport bra! Funny, but not really. I recently learned about the new sport collection from Vanity Fair and I am thrilled to share what I’ve learned! Introducing a full figure sport bra with medium impact support. Also, they are specifically designed with the full figure woman in mind, being that they start out at size 36C. If you have been looking for a full figure sport bra that supports, check this out:

  • available in underwire or no underwire (because that totally matters!)
  • has medium impact bounce control
  • starts at sizes 36C  and goes to 44dd
  • straps convert to criss cross style, depending on your preference

Vanity Fair Sport Collection Sport Bras #MyBestFitfind a way to blow off some steam.
For me, it has always been running. I really didn’t have the knowledge to do much else. I was a member at two different gyms for the last 8-ish years, but it wasn’t doing what I needed it to do. The last six months it has changed into more weight training and cardio. What I have been able to do both physically and mentally in the hour I put into it per day, has change my outlook on a lot of things. Us mommas are strong, both mentally and physically! Finding my niche has helped me find my outlet that I’ve needed since my labral tear injury. And, I’m happy to report that the tear is doing GREAT!
Vanity Fair Sport Collection Sport Bras #MyBestFit

Enjoy life. That’s what it boils down to in my mind. Along the way, find the things that make it all work! Some days rock, some days don’t. Figure out how to make YOU happy, and how to make your life and home happy, and I hope by sharing these tips above you find some more ways to help it all work!

What tips do YOU have that help you stay active amidst the craziness of life? Talk to me!

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