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long summer days and bedtime reading :: sleeping bear press

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Hello summer! The time of year when the days are long, frequently hot, full of activities, and the children must be kept busy until later bedtimes. With exhausted kids who cannot fall asleep while the sun is still blazing we really like to encourage reading time for the kids before bed. Not only are they doing something educational to stretch their minds they are slowing those little bodies down to JUST GO TO SLEEP. If you’re looking for some new titles for your early elementary aged kids to have a short read before bed here are some new favorites at our house from Sleeping Bear Press.

Sleeping Bear Press bedtime readers
Little Red Rolls Away :: written by Linda Whalen and illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris this is a great read for kids who are facing changes in their life. Little Red wakes up one morning to find his friends are gone and then promptly embarks on an amazing adventure as he is transported across the country. Where is he going? Where are his friends? Details on how to help a child navigate change are included in the back of the book. Ages 4-8

Little Red Rolls Away
D is for Dump Truck: A Construction Alphabet :: written by Michael Shoulders and illustrated by Kent Culotta was an instant favorite with the heavy equipment loving kids in my house. Full of alphabetically themed poems that walk us through a building project this book has given my children treehouse envy. Ages 4-8 and up

D is for Dump Truck
A Book of Bridges: Here to There and Me to You :: written by Cheryl Keely and illustrated by Celia Krampien is both fun and informative. In addition to the story about different bridges, many of these beautifully illustrated pages also have additional factoids about various bridges around the world such as California’s Golden Gate suspension bridge, the London Bridge, and even Peru’s Puente de Piedra. Ages 4-8

A Book of Bridges
Digger and Daisy Star in a Play :: written by Judy Young and illustrated by Dana Sullivan this title is one of many books in the Digger and Daisy series. In this story the brother and sister dogs are cast in a theatrical production where they take very different approaches to how they prepare for their roles. The Digger and Daisy stories are part of the I Am A Reader! series. Ages 4-5 (Grades K-1)

Digger and Daisy Star in a Play
I love seeing my kids develop a love for reading while they gain confidence in their reading skills and smile every time I see them reading our Sleeping Bear Press titles quietly to themselves or their each other.

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  • Sara Zielinski
    June 15, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    These books are great for bedtime reading.

  • Janet W.
    June 15, 2017 at 9:19 am

    My grandsons have been doing a lot of reading this summer already. They would enjoy these books, especially Digger and Daisy Star in a Play!