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trains and trucks :: easter basket ideas from BRIO

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There are so many great ways to fill the Easter baskets this weekend but I will readily admit, most of us first think of candy. If you’re needing a couple more sugar-free ideas for the little ones in your life I have some great suggestions from BRIO to share today.

Many of us are already familiar with BRIO and their extremely well-made railway sets and trains. If you did not personally play with these great toys when you were a child there is a distinct possibility that you had a friend, a cousin, or younger sibling who had some BRIO trains choo-choo-chooing around the house.

BRIO trains and trucks on The SIMPLE Moms 2
My youngest is just shy of 2-years-old and is currently obsessed with all things that move. While this is an age well-known for short attention spans, he will gladly sit and play with his new BRIO My First Take Along Set for up to an hour! The included bell wagon and train engine are powered by a little one’s imagination and can easily roll up the included ramps to circle around the outer edge of the carrying case. As a parent I appreciate that all the pieces pack away in the case with room to spare for extra track pieces or train cars and the case is even small and lightweight enough that my little one can easily carry it around himself. My tiny engineer just loves having his first “Tchoo-tchoo!” to drive across the kitchen floor.

BRIO trains and trucks collage
While this railway set is compact and meant to travel it is also a perfect option for smaller homes or as a first or starter railway set. If you are in need of a good toy to take to visit family during the holidays, or if grandparents need suggestions of toys to have on hand, I would highly recommend the My First Take Along Set.

Next up I have to share the BRIO Light & Sound Firetruck. I love how the timeless quality of BRIO toys is combined with the wailing siren (don’t worry, it’s not that loud), flashing lights, a wind-up fire hose, and a removable ladder – just like real firemen! My little guy will turn on the siren and lights and wheel his firefighters around the floor, across the table, and onto anything within his reach rescuing stuffed cats from the table, putting out fires at the local building block houses, or helping to clean up accidents with the endless supply of cars zooming around the floor. The classic colors and wooden firefighters make the Light & Sound Firetruck a great toy to keep around for years to come!

BRIO trains and trucks on The SIMPLE Moms
What are the favorite BRIO toys from your house that your kids love having around?

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  • Janet W.
    April 26, 2017 at 7:50 am

    The take along set would be great for my youngest grandson! He would enjoy rolling trains up the ramp.