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why I like walks + RevoMax review

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I am a big proponent of taking walks, and I am blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country that allows for walks year round. It provides great exercise, fresh air, a chance to talk with whomever I’m walking with, and it doesn’t tear up my joints like other forms of exercise might (looking at you, marathon runners!). Anyway, I’m always looking for good bottles to help me stay hydrated (or caffeinated) when I’m out and about, so I took the opportunity to try the RevoMax. It is advertised as a vacuum insulated flask with a twist-free cap. So basically, it keeps my hot stuff hot and my cold stuff cold while allowing me to open and close it with one hand. Cool.

I would say the most distinctive thing about it is the way the top comes on and off. It’s patented and it truly is one-handed, which is handy (is that a pun?), especially when you get thirsty while simultaneously carrying a diaper bag and a baby. It feels solid and heavy-duty. I don’t think it will break easily. My husband is a fan, and I can already picture him attaching it via cable and carabiner to his backpack.  It fits easily in our stroller and car cup holders, which is convenient because a few of my other water bottles do not (i.e. Camelbak).


The only thing I don’t love is that the flask itself isn’t dishwasher friendly – although the cap is. It probably has something to do with the vacuum seal not faring well in the dishwasher. So, I guess it’s a choice between 1) hand-washing or 2) cold coffee and warm lemonade. If those are my options, then I’ll deal with hand-washing.

If you have some spare time for a laugh, you can watch this video. The scenarios at the beginning of the video cracked me up – some hyperbole going on. But I DO appreciate the one-handed feature.


What is your favorite way to take beverages on-the-go?

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