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creative learning in six simple and fun ways

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Kids learn in different ways at different times!

Something that I am quickly learning as my children are growing! My oldest son is extremely conscientious and takes school very seriously! While, my second son is much more creative and playful. I used to worry about him as his academic growth was so different from his brothers! At least that’s what I thought, then he started coming home from preschool fully writing his 9 letter name! The drawings he completes as well as his recall of what he has done during his school day takes my breath away! I, then, realized he just learns DIFFERENTLY and I must utilize his interests to help him learn! I had to nurture his creative talents to make learning FUN!

Here are a few tips and tricks I have used to bring the ABC’s and 123’s in a SIMPLE and fun way!


  1. Shaving Cream– using good old fashioned shaving cream on a plate! He loves to trace the letters and numbers as I say them! He also quickly discovered this was not whipped cream!
  2. Sugar coated in food coloring – in a gallon food storage bag add a few drops of food coloring to sugar! Shake well and add to a dish with sides! You can also use Kool Aid! This is great way to trace letters and numbers! All the while, simultaneously working on colors!
  3. Pipe cleaners – making shapes, letters, and numbers are so much fun! This is also a great idea for car travel as this packs up so nicely and neatly!
  4. Highlighter – I use different colored highlighters to spell out his name, sight words, or even the day of the week! He then traces over the highlighter with a pencil or crayon!
  5. Dry erase boards- Great to use markers to work on letter formation! My son loves to use different colors and, quite honestly, has even more fun erasing things!
  6. Cereal ABCs- Using your little’s favorite cereal, have them create the letters, numbers, even shapes! Certain cereals will also allow for pattern making! So much fun!

CL- 3

These have proven to be so helpful and we truly enjoy doing them together! It is such a beautiful thing watching your children learn and the pride they take in their work!
However, signing his name to 19 valentine’s day cards was quite a challenge… gummy bears for a reward may or may not have been given! 😉


What are some ways YOU make learning fun with your little’s?

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  • Renee Rousseau
    February 28, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Great suggestions! I had forgotten about the shaving cream! We also had great fun with magnetic letters on the fridge. When my girls were tiny they simply knocked them off and put them back, then they began to spell words and when they were tweens they would leave messages!