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We now have a a 14 month old that is cutting three top teeth at once.  How did teething go for you with your little ones?  Was it something you could make it through easily or did your little one have some trouble going through this phase?  So far, Miss C has been doing really well with the teething.  My first two never showed any signs of teething which was pretty great.  Miss C has been a little fussy and drooling a ton. But nothing we can’t handle.  When two brothers and olivia contacted me to try out some teethers I knew this was something that could benefit Miss C.

two brothers and olivia

These two fun teethers are something she plays with every day. The worlds most favorite cookie and the popular sweet treat of a donut made into teethers, couldn’t be anymore fun.  I love the personalization of the cookie teether and the silicone donut teethers on a clip come in three colors. Pink, mint and chocolate! Each silicone donut is a perfect little teething toy for little hands to chew and grab. It is can also be put in the fridge or freezer for those babies that like it that way. They are washable with soap and water or you can put them in the dishwasher.  That way I can sanitize them well.

teethertwo brothers and olivia
All of their products are free from chemicals, FDA approved and 100% made with food grade silicone.  I have found that silicone is an easy and great substance that can be made into so many useful products.

BPA Free. No Phthalates. No Lead. No PVCs.

No need to worry about these teethers.  It’s nice to have that sense of relief and safety for your kids.  I am so glad more and more companies are doing this.  Plus, not only does my daughter chew on the donut and the cookie, she chews on the whole thing…I mean every inch of it.  I do love that I can attach each of these to her clothes and she can’t drop them or rip it off.

two brothers and oliviapersonalized cookie teether

These are even great for sensory development too.  They are also a good way to break a bad habit, such as biting nails, chewing hair or clothes. She can also make them to be worn as a necklace.

Whether you need a unique gift for a newborn or a toddler these elegant designs make for a unique baby gift.


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two brothers and olivia

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