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5 tips to having an un-pinterest birthday party

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When my two oldest girls both turned one I went all out. Rented a room, got platters of food and a giant sheet cake, invited 50 of our closest family and friends… It. Was. Exhausting. I’m halfway convinced that Birthday Party PTSD is a real thing (okay, probably not, but c’mon it should be!) and if you’re a fellow parent who shudders at the thought of hosting a gaggle of children for a themed party the next time your little one gains another year in age here are 5 tips on how to have an un-pinterest party.

Disclaimer :: If you are one of those parents who gets energized thinking about all the details that go with putting on a birthday party for your kiddos this post is not for you. This is for the parents who twitch at the thought of decorations, planned games, and elaborate banquets of food. If these party planning details tense you up and steal your enjoyment of your own kid’s birthday then you are my people and here is our club.

5 Tips to Having an Un-Pinterest Birthday Party

Okay, 5 tips on how to un-pinterest that party…

1) Balloons :: Did you know that a 100 count bag of balloons can not only count as decorations, they are endless entertainment for children? Tape a couple on to any tables ahead of time and you’re all set for decor and give the rest to the kids. They will blow up balloons, pop balloons, make annoying sounds with balloons, play tag with balloons, create new games for playing with balloons, and the list goes on.

birthday balloon entertainment for kids
2) Simple Food & Beverages :: Depending on how many people you’ve invited there are many ways to inexpensively and easily feed the masses. Pizza, subs, sandwich platters, and even a batch of sloppy joes are all good places to start. Just add some soda and chips and you have a party!

3) Skip the Gift Bags :: Yep, I said it. If you feel the need to give your guests a parting favor have the Birthday Kid help look through the local dollar store for fun finds.

4) Activity Party :: If your home is too small to host any parties or you just don’t want to even go there, get creative with the free spaces available to you. Winter birthday? Try a sledding party at a local park. Spring or fall birthday? Local parks that have playgrounds make a fun place to meet and provide endless playtime. Summer birthday? Check your local splashpads or swimming areas on their policies.

low stress zoo birthday celebration
5) Don’t Have a Party :: Spend the day making memories with your kids doing activities that everyone can enjoy. Zoo trips, mini-vacations, or special family traditions are all great ways to create lasting memories that you will all treasure long after the cake has been eaten and the wrapping paper is gone.

Any good tips on how you make your family birthday celebrations stress-free?

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  • Katy
    February 19, 2017 at 4:14 am

    These are all great ideas. We skipped the big blow out for the first birthday because I became really sick during the planning phase and it just wasn’t possible to pull it all together in time. We still had such a great time celebrating with family and letting our little one soak up all of the attention and cake!

    We did the big party for the second, but had it at our neighborhood park- her favorite place on earth! It was a blast and we all had a great time. We will scale down all of the DIY craziness next year, though. 🙂

  • Sarah L
    February 17, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Parties can be fun if you keep it simple. I like the no-party-go-to-the-zoo.