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It’s the end of January and I’m excited about some changes I’ve made to make this year better than last! I always find it helpful to reflect on things, and as I looked back at 2016 I realized I could have done more with the time I’ve been given, and I could definitely make some changes to improve my health, my home, and just my regular routines. As I mentioned before, writing things down and organizing my days and weeks is my major goal with other things falling in place under it.
Regular exercise is so important and I’ve tried different programs, different routines, and had some successes and some failures. As I began 2017 my goal was to implement a system that I knew I could stick with that would also challenge me to keep a healthy lifestyle. Each week I look at the time I will have and some different options for workouts. I plan my week based on that and write out my plan. Doing this has helped me stay on track with weekly workouts. Some days I do workouts from P90X, some days I walk/run on my treadmill, and some days I do short 7 minute workouts! I love the flexibility this has given me, and I love seeing a checkmark next to each day because I planned out something I knew I’d be able to achieve.
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I have been using some new exercise equipment that I love from Live Infinitely. I am loving the exercise ball for ab workouts and pushups! My husband is one of the most disciplined people I know, and he has his daily routines too! He has been using the new exercise ball as well and loves it!
The resistance bands have been the perfect addition to my video workouts. I love having them because I can vary the weight for different exercises without taking up a lot of space with various dumbbells. They are great to pack away to get workouts in when you are traveling or on the go!
Finally the thing we love most from Live Infinitely is the foam roller! It is so perfect for relieving muscle aches after workouts, and easing headaches, backaches, and neck aches that I so commonly get! It has a unique design to give a massage experience, and can be used for muscle recovery. Their fitness products are top notch and I look forward to checking out some of their outdoor equipment this summer!
Keeping up with your health goals is so important and finding equipment to help you is too!
What are your health goals for 2017?

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  • Michelle D.
    February 6, 2017 at 12:01 am

    Thanks for the great review! I have been trying to exercise more too and like things that make it easier to exercise at home (I HATE going to the gym)