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An app. That’s today’s topic. Yes, another app…but keep reading! I promise, this is great! I’m super excited to share this app with you as I feel it’s SO much more than a simple app. mom.lifeIt’s like an extension of your social media presence, but a safer environment where you can talk without judgment, share without feeling funny and support. I mean, come on. Can’t we all use a little more support these days? Especially us ladies!!

Have you seen mom.life? Maybe you already have it downloaded? I had seen rumblings about it, but I hadn’t seen anything solid on it. Until now, and that’s what I wanted to share with you today too so you can get your hands on this STAT!

Mom.life isn’t new to the market. You will see when you go to download the app, that there have been over 850,000 downloads to date.  Some of the {new} and old features of this app are pretty great. They include…

  • A mom finder. It’s exactly what you are thinking, searching for like minded or same-location moms. Not liking the searchability features? That’s ok as you can set your profile to private. You will then be able to approve who follows you.mom.life - find moms screen
  • You can search the app to find items that are hot topics right now. You can even find trending moms to read up on. I love reading stuff like this!mom.life - mom radar screen
  • Questions. And answers. Galore, ask and you shall receive! Plus, cute baby pictures all.over.the.place. Hold those ovaries, ladies!
  • Best of all, it’s a free app. Who would have thought finding a great community, that you don’t have to travel to, would be so minimal in cost. Heck, some people are saying, by using the Mom Finder, they are finding some of their greatest BFF’s. Seriously, so cool!

mom.life - chat with friends

One of the most important features that I believe sets this app apart from the others….live moderation of content. That means no TROLLS and I’m sure they do their best to keep the zone drama-free as well. So, basically, a great place for community for us women who are either pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have kids are done having kids…so cool!

When doing research for this post, I came across this saying, and it was the bomb.com…moms helping moms be moms. YES. This.

Could you see yourself using the Mom.Life app? Grab it today and check it out! What benefits do you see? I think it’s pretty cool as is, but I’d love to see what YOU all think!

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  • Tamra Phelps
    January 30, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    While this isn’t an app that I need, I can see several of my relatives using it. Several are currently going through ‘difficult’ stages right now (the 3 year old who refuses to go to bed, etc.) & could use advise from experienced Moms.

    • Shannon
      January 31, 2017 at 9:39 pm

      YES! I think this is totally great for that! 🙂