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crush those resolutions! three tips to get healthy and stay healthy :: #aHEALTHYnewyear

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How many of you made some wellness resolutions this year?  How many of you are still going strong with those?  We’re not far into the month yet, but a lot of us have already broken our resolutions.  I think the hard part about a resolution is the idea that we need to make huge, major changes that are really hard to fit into our already busy lives.  What we need to embrace is that there are simple, smaller changes that can still make a huge impact in our overall health!  Here are three tips for getting healthy and staying healthy!


  1.  Dress the part.  Obviously I’m not telling you to wear yoga pants to work (unless you can get away with this.  Then, by all means, go ahead).  But when you’re home, just wearing workout clothes makes it so much easier to decide to take the dogs for a quick jog after dinner or ask a friend if she can head out of a walk around the neighborhood.  Sometimes clothes can make a mindset!
  2. Get rid of the temptation!  Every January our family goes “dessert-free”.  So the treats get tossed!  There is no way I could skip dessert if Christmas cookies were still sitting on the counter.  When having a treat means I’d literally have to go out and buy one, it’s much easier to just skip it!
  3. Get help!  You don’t have to be on your wellness journey alone!  It’s hard to know what to eat and what to skip.  Sure, veggies are great, but what about that whole wheat bagel?  What about a quick and easy breakfast or how to eat on vacation?  This is why it pays to have a nutrition coach! Have goals to lose weight, gain lean muscle, increase energy or just to improve your overall nutrition?  I’m going to introduce you today to Susan McGowan, a nutrition coach who has spent the last year transforming her life and is now using that passion to help others do the same!

Susan is a mom of three girls and also a busy photographer.  After feeling lacking in energy, she decided to make some changes to help keep up with her kids and become a positive role model for her girls.  Susan went from a couch potato to super fit mom through lifestyle changes that can be made simple with the help of a coach. There is no calorie counting or starving yourself for a temporary fix.  Her goal is for you to be the best you!
Susan says “I want to help every person exude confidence so that we can raise up strong and confident children. When you feel good on the inside, that changes every aspect of your life.”  She used her own transformation to help other moms lose weight, gain energy and and meet fitness goals.  “It brings me such joy to receive a text from another mom on my team saying, “My daughter gave me a hug today and said, ‘Mommy, you’re getting smaller because my arms can fit around your tummy further.'”   What fitness and nutrition goals do you have for the new year?  You can message Susan on Facebook and she’ll help you get started today.

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