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a new holiday movie and book :: stick man

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I love holiday movies, and we have enjoyed introducing some of our favorite Christmas movies to our little ones!  We have introduced a mix of old classics and newer movies, and have enjoyed hearing giggles and excitement over the Christmas season and the characters on the movies.  We just watched a new one called Stick Man, and we will give our little guy the book to go along with it for a Christmas present.
stickman featured
Stick Man is a sweet story about a character named Stick Man who goes through many adventures while hoping to be reunited with his family in time for Christmas.  It is based on a book, and is sure to be enjoyed by the little ones in your home.

More about Stick Man:

While out for a jog, Stick Man is carried away from his family tree by a mischievous dog eager to play fetch! As he tries to make his way back to his “Stick Lady Love and their stick children three,” things only get worse as he finds himself farther and farther from home. Alone and weary, Stick Man longs to be reunited with his family for Christmas. Will a chance encounter with Santa Claus be his ticket home?  

Pick up a copy while you are out doing your last minute shopping for a fun Christmas movie night at home!


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