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It’s no secret that I love my essential oils. I’ve shared a few times here on the SIMPLE moms how I use essential oils to help freshen up my home, jazz up my water, or to just create a space of peace and relaxation.

And there are probably a thousand other ways I’d love to use them. One quick trip down ‘Pinterest lane’ will do that to a girl 😉

The trouble is (at least for me)…I really don’t want to spend the time at the store or online picking up every little item to do some of these great essential oil projects.

Well, like most things these days, someone has figured it out for us! And in this case, it’s SIMPLY EARTH.


Simply Earth has taken the concept of the monthly subscription box that we’ve all come to love and created one specifically for the essential oil DIYs!

Each month they send out a box full of key ingredients to help you create 6 or 7 essential oil recipes or DIYs. Yes, including the essential oils themselves! No need to be part of another essential oils program if that’s not something you’re interested in.

So what kind of recipes and DIYs are these exactly? So glad you asked! Each month’s box is based around a theme. For example, the November box that we had the pleasure of checking out was geared toward the Christmas holiday. Recipes included a “Holiday Home Scent Spray” and three fun different Christmas-y diffuser blends to try. It also included a DIY for making Scented Ornaments, Holiday Home Scent Spray, and a Christmas Air Freshener.


As I mentioned before, the monthly box comes with the key ingredients you’ll need. The November Simply Earth box came with a small aluminum spray bottle for the scent spray, everything to make the Christmas Air Freshener (you’ll need to supply the ½ cup of baking soda), and four different 15ml bottles of essential oils. The Scented Ornaments require you to come up with a few of the supplies on your own (baking soda, corn starch, water, etc) but, again, it’s all basic stuff you probably already have on hand.

The recipes/instructions are all printed on nice little index-sized cards for you to keep together. And you’ll find little stick-on labels for the blends you create. But if you need a little extra help (like I often do…hello, visual learner!), Simply Earth offers videos on their website to help you get started with your different DIYs and recipes!


The Simply Earth essentials oil box also included their Curb Hunger roll on. Which was a welcomed little surprise because those Christmas cookies are going to be calling my name here real soon! You can also purchase individual bottles of essential oils through Simply Earth if you find one that you really like and want more of it!


I’ve already had a chance to mix up a few of the diffuser ideas from my November box and I love them! Now I can’t wait to make a few of the Scented Ornaments with my kids as gifts for some friends, neighbors and teachers!

Curious about what other monthly boxes looked like? You can check out some fun “unboxing” videos of previous boxes right on SimplyEarth.com. Last month’s box was geared towards fun with kids and includes some great ideas for things like homemade bubbles and cloud dough! And of course the materials to do it!

Simply Earth offers a few different subscription plans with the promise that you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time and you can always get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied. But I really think that won’t be an issue because you guys are going to love this!

But to sweeten the deal even more and get you guys started with your monthly Simply Earth boxes, Simply Earth is offering our readers a free diffuser with your subscription. To claim that special gift, just be sure to add both the $39.99 monthly subscription box and the diffuser to your cart. Then use the code SIMPLEMOMS when checking out and it will take the price of the diffuser off. Easy peasy!

Simply Earth diffuser

Now is a great time to get started with the Simply Earth essential oils subscription box, as it looks like December’s box will be bursting with more Christmas-y fun! And don’t forget to consider gifting the Simply Earth essential oils subscription to someone on your list!


I’m so excited to partner with Simply Earth and offer our SIMPLE moms readers a chance to win a free month of Simply Earth’s essential oils subscription box! One SIMPLE Mom will actually get a Simply Earth box full of all these goodies I just talked about! YAY! To enter just scroll on down to the rafflecopter form and fill it out!

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