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new kids’ chapter book series is a must read!

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I absolutely love it when my kids find a new book series that captures their attention. I really, really love it when it’s a book series that all three of them can enjoy!

Right now that book series is the brand new series Project Droid by authors Nancy Krulik and Amanda Burwasser and illustrator Mike Moran.


This mother-daughter writing team has truly created a series that kids are going to quickly fall in love with! Combined with the artistic talents of Mike Moran, my kids just did not want to put these books down!

The Project Droid chapter book series introduces us to young Logan Applebaum and his inventor mother (AWESOME!!) who has created a robot/android cousin named Java for him.

Project Droid: Science No Fair! is the first in this chapter book series and is where we officially meet the Applebaum family and learn about Java. The catch is that Java’s status as an android robot must be kept a secret and he is introduced to the rest of the school as a “new kid”. But readers will soon come to find out that this is easier said than done!


In the second book in the series, Project Droid: Soccer Shocker!Logan’s ability to keep his new robot cousin’s robot status a secret is further put to the test as Java joins Logan’s soccer team! More mayhem ensues as Java replaces Logan as the team MVP and, even worse, when the weather turns rainy on their soccer game!


Written with ages 7-9yrs in mind the Project Droid series will quickly become a favorite amongst kids! Sweet, charming and very funny, all three of my kids enjoyed reading these two books and cannot wait for the third to make its way out in March 2017.

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  • Janet W.
    October 26, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    This looks like a really cute series that my grandsons would enjoy reading!