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I know, it’s still the fall and I’m talking about Christmas cards, but we all know how the holiday season comes up quickly and our calendars get very full. Did you read Gina’s post of tips to have a sane holiday season? It’s time to start the ball rolling if you plan to send a holiday card to your friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a snapshot or a professional photo you will be using, it’s fun to put some thought into it…before you are up to your eyeballs in cookie exchanges and staging your elf. I want to share a few planning tips for this year’s Christmas card.

christmas photoPick a Pic

I’ll admit, I’m way over the top when it comes to our Christmas cards. You can laugh, but I searched Pinterest for the perfect color scheme of clothes for my family to wear. I’ve already had our photos taken by my favorite photographer. It’s actually been a few years since we’ve had a professional photo taken, so don’t fret if you can’t afford it. Any picture that captures a happy moment of your family together is Christmas card worthy. I actually like to lay clothes out on our bed to see them all together before I tell my family members what I’m requiring them to wear – whether they like it or not. 🙂

Pick a Potential Card

Head over to MINTED and poke around. There is a heart icon you can click to save your favorite card designs. If you are having photos taken, you should share a few of your favorite designs with your photographer so they can take a picture that will fit best in that particular card design. For instance, one year I took our own photos to save money, and I zoomed too close. I didn’t have any wiggle room to crop the picture or change it from horizontal to landscape. Whether you are taking pictures yourself or have a professional, leave yourself enough background in the photos to be able to embed it perfectly into your card. Another tip: you might find a few ideas for how to set up for your photo…sitting, standing, similar location, etc. Minted has beautiful families featured in their cards when you go to pick them out. I’m all about copying these picture perfect families.

Picking THE CARD

So you’ve had your photos taken and now it’s time to pick THE CARD that will be sent to all your loved ones. I know I’m being dramatic right now, but I get such joy when it’s time to shop for my Christmas cards. Minted is so user friendly! You can actually upload your photo and it will generate your picture into every card on their page of designs so you can get a better idea of what card you want to get. Look for the FIND IT FAST OPTION.


Picking the Price

While MINTED is potentially more expensive then a photo lab card, you are getting what you pay for. Stick to your budget first, but note that the quality and designs are what you are springing for. You know I’m all about being frugal, but I also appreciate quality. A little birdie at Minted told me that their deepest discount codes and promos will be in November. Also, you can BUY NOW and lock in a promotional price and personalize the card later!! So get those Christmas card wheels a turning…you’ll thank me when you don’t have to think about it in December. Also, our #aSIMPLEchristmas event starts very soon. MINTED is giving away 3 $100 promotional codes! Stay tuned…

Prepare your Address List

Last tip: get your addresses in order and input them into the ADDRESS ASSISTANT section of Minted. You will have your database stored for years to come and save yourself so much time addressing cards. There are some very cute envelope options when you check out. I love it that Minted does all the hard work for me and I just have to stick on a stamp and stuff the envelope. We are all busy people and efficiency makes my heart happy.


Let’s be real, we all know when Christmas is. Don’t be the person that gets a card out weeks past Christmas. I really love getting Christmas cards in the mail. It’s the only snail mail I get that is worth walking to the mailbox for ALL  YEAR. Even if it comes January 28th, you know who you all are 🙂 Have fun shopping for your MINTED holiday cards!

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