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make saving money fun with a 3D coin art puzzle

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My husband and I are always looking for creative ways to help teach our kids about money. Sometimes it can be really difficult for young kids to learn the art of saving up for something you want. Let’s face it…our society doesn’t really help when kids hear and see ads for credit cards and “buy now, pay later”. It’s all very enticing!

But we know that is doing our kids a disservice. We want them to feel the satisfaction of working hard for that money, saving it until you have enough, and then hand all those handfuls of coins over to the check-out worker at the store 🙂

We have always just done piggy-banks with the kids but I thought these 3D Coin Art puzzles were such a fun and creative idea! And a great way for the kids to actually see their money add up!


I’ll be honest, I really love that this is the shape of an American Flag. My kids have been learning a lot about the flag and the Constitution in school lately, so it’s just a great lesson to continue at home!

Here’s how it works ::

First, collect all of your pennies, nickels and dimes…I guess mom just gets to keep the quarters! Then you organize your coins in these included coin trays. They have slots for each coin type and groups them in 5s or 10s. You can wait and completely fill the two coin trays before putting them in the 3D Coin Art flag or just add them as you save up a few handfuls. My kids could never wait, so we’re doing the latter.


The dimes will go in the place of the 50 stars and the pennies and nickels will make up the red and white stripes (respectively).


The front cover simply snaps on and holds the coins in place. Then place the flag in the included stand and enjoy!


I will say, it is best if you add as many coins at one time as you can because unclipping the cover can get tricky as you add more coins. But it’s nothing the kids can just rearrange again.

Once the flag is completely filled with coins, you should have saved $25! Then you can open the flag and go shopping or stash it away for more savings. With the flag empty again, it’s time to start saving and filling! Or keep the flag full of coins and just enjoy how cool it looks!

3D Coin Art American Flag

Quick tip :: If you want your coins to be nice and shiny because you plan on keeping the flag full of coins, give the coins a little cleaning by soaking them for 3 minutes in a solution of 4tsp table salt and 1 cup of vinegar. Then pat dry with a paper towel.

The 3D Coin Art American Flag is just a fun way for kids to watch their savings increase overtime as they add another few stars or maybe complete one of the thirteen stripes!

You can find the 3D Coin Art American Flag at, as well as two other fun coin art puzzles!

Interested in winning one of these for your kids? Use the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win a 3D Coin Art puzzle of your own!

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