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life is good :: #GROWthegood by sharing your favorite hero of optimism

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Nationwide campaign spreads the power of optimism by honoring everyday heroes; every story shared provides $1 to support childcare professionals

lifeisgoodlogoLife is good. It might not always be easy, pretty or fun, but life can always be good. And the positive lifestyle brand Life is Good wants to celebrate optimists who make a difference in their homes, communities and the world with their Heroes of Optimism campaign.

I have to admit, there is so much negativity on social media these days–from political debates gone awry to downright tragedies, it’s so refreshing to read stories about people who are making a positive difference and are choosing to live life to the fullest–and encouraging those around them to do the same.  Life is Good is taking stories submitted to their Heroes of Optimism campaign and sharing some of them with us here.  Take a look, be inspired and submit a story about your own hero.

lifeisgoodOptimism_Tree_defaultNow through August 3rd, 2016, your can share your Hero of Optimism story at www.lifeisgood.com/heroes, on Instagram using #GROWtheGood or via email at goodstories@lifeisgood.com. For every entry received, Life is Good will donate $1 to support childcare professionals who are everyday Heroes of Optimism for kids in need.  Your Hero of Optimism can be anyone–a parent, a teacher–even one of your kids!

lifeidgoodPicMonkey CollageIf you’re not familiar with the Life is Good back story,  Life is Good was co-founded over 20 years ago by brothers Bert and John Jacobs, who were inspired by their mom, the first powerful optimist in their lives.  While the brothers struggled during the early years selling t-shirts from their van, they were motivated by the inspiring letters they “For over two decades, we have been receiving passionate letters from people touched by the brand during their most challenging times,” said Life is Good co-founder Bert Jacobs. “We recently started sharing these stories with our community and were moved by the impact they had on people’s lives. That’s why today we are launching a platform where anyone can share stories of optimism and inspire others to focus on the good.”

I just got back from a vacation with my rock star optimist of a mom who seems always able to smile even though life hasn’t always been easy for her.  I can’t wait to share her story with Life is Good–and maybe a few more!  Every story (and every $) goes to helping childcare professionals working with children with the highest needs.  So go share a story (or a lot of them!) and spread the word about Heroes of Optimism!


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  • shelly peterson
    July 22, 2016 at 6:08 am

    I love the story behind these products. It is nice to see these products that show positivity and it’s great they have been in business for 20 years now.