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home garden tips and tricks + a simple and inexpensive summer party (or wedding or shower) favor

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seedneedslogoI love having a garden at home. From flowers to fruits and veggies, it’s so much more fun to use something from your own garden than to just buy it at the store. And if you use some simple tips, home gardening can be inexpensive and fun, too!

seedneedstomatilloFirst, get to know your yard and your soil a bit. Does your yard have full sun?  Do you have sandy or clay soil? When choosing plants and flowers for your landscape, you want to be picky! If your soil isn’t great for a plant that you really want, consider a raised bed.  We have our veggies all growing in a raised bed so we can use better soil and so we can fence it it and keep the bunnies away!  And we are reaping the benefits of tons of vine-ripened tomatoes right now! And we just got these “ground cherry” tomatillo seeds from Seed Needs that my kids can’t wait for.  We discovered this type of tomatillo at a local market a few years ago and that market has since closed.  I hadn’t been able to find them anywhere but now we can grow our own! Add the yellow peppers I ordered to the mix and I have some great options for including veggies in their packed lunches!

seedneedssweetwilliamNext, plan ahead! If you order the seeds now for the next growing season, you can start them on your own and avoid having to purchase mature plants, which can be very costly. Plus, it’s so rewarding to watch your plants grow from seed to table (whether it’s on a plate or in a vase)!   Different seeds have different needs so make sure you get some that have all of the information you need about when and where to plant, how far apart, how much space they need, etc.  Seed Needs gives you everything you need right on the package.  So I know just when and where I’m going to plant these fun wildflowers.

seedneedsbasilDon’t forget about indoor plants as well!  Basil is a plant that can be grown in a pot inside.  This is perfect for those of you without a yard or much time to devote to gardening.  And fresh basil is an amazing addition to so many dishes.  I love to use it to make fresh pesto or add to sauces and marinades and my daughter honestly just likes to eat the leaves plain.  You can also start seeds inside and later move them into a window box.  Lavender does great starting inside and being moved later to a sunny window box.  So you can still enjoy gardening even without a yard!



Not only do you want the plants that will work best in your yard, you want the best plants.   All seeds sold by Seed Needs fit the bill of being non-GMO and are produced from open pollinated plants, stored in a temperature controlled facility and constantly moved out due to popularity. So you know your seeds will be fresh and ready to plant, not left in a store display year after year.  I ordered several different seeds from Seed Needs and was so impressed.  Just as I expected, they were fresh, arrived quickly and were ready to plant.  Plus they were packaged beautifully on high quality paper and contained all of the planting information I needed (amount of sun, type of soil, depth etc.) so they would make an easy summer gift as well.

seedneedscustomNot only did I order several regular seed packets, but I also tried out their custom seed packets.  Can I just tell you how much I love the idea of a custom seed packet?  You just head to the seed favors page on myseedneeds.com, go through the on-screen editor, adding text and photos if you want, choosing colors and ordering.  Not only was it so simple to create my custom seed packet, but I loved the final product. I ordered a quick one for my anniversary, but I think these would be perfect wedding or shower favors as well.  Something thoughtful, useful and inexpensive!  Sign me up!  And if you’re in a rush, they can work with you!  I received my seeds soon after my order, so it’s not too late to order some great favors for your upcoming event!  Who wouldn’t love to leave a party with some great sunflowers, forget-me-nots or other great flowers!

I’m so glad to have this great little resource at Seed Needs.  I’m already thinking of ordering some watermelon seed packets as a fun favor for my daughter’s spring birthday.  What seeds would you use as a party favor?


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  • Karen Glatt
    July 26, 2016 at 11:57 am

    I like growing tomatoes because they taste so much better than the store. So much more flavor. I have a nice sunny spot where I grow vegetables and these seeds from Seed Needs sound awesome. I am checking them out.