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trukid :: award-winning 100% safe kids sunscreen that works (really!)

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trukidlogoEvery summer I face the same dilemma.  Either use a sunscreen that works but contains yucky, impossible to pronounce, cancer-causing ingredients.  Or use something natural but leave my skin (and my kids skin) under-protected and suffer the consequences of sunburn.  Generally I just find something in between and go with it, figuring I did the best I could.

PicMonkeytrukidBut I’m finding out I can do a lot better than I have been.  And since chemicals absorbed through the skin go directly into your bloodstream, they can have a great impact on your health.  So I turned to the Environmental Working Group to help find the best-rated sunscreen for my family and I came upon TruKid.  TruKid has an excellent rating  (a 1–the best you can get!) from the Environmental Working Group which has become the go-to guide for safe skin products, even offering this basic guide to finding a safe sunscreen.  It is a truly natural, non-toxic product that is safe for you, your kids and the environment.  It is a 100% mineral sunscreen that we put to the test during two day-long beach trips, a zoo field trip, a day trip to the botanical gardens and lots of hot and sunny pool days.  And, since it’s definitely worth noting, it has the best possible EWG rating and is in the lowest price range!  Bonus!  You can keep your family healthy on a budget!

IMG_9548The lotions are easy to rub right in and don’t leave a white haze on the skin like so many zinc-based sunscreens. The sunscreen stick did seem to go on thicker and stay slightly white after rubbing in (note the picture to the right has sunscreen that has NOT been rubbed in at all).  Thankfully, my kids and I don’t mind that, but if that’s an issue for you, I would just stick with the lotions.  One of my favorite things about this sunscreen is the scent!   I’ve found so many sunscreens either smell like chemicals or have an intense unnatural tropical scent.  Not TruKid.  It has a light citrus scent that I love!  Even the mom next to me at the lake commented how great the TruKid sunscreen smells!

Not only is the sunscreen easy to apply, but it works!  And it works well!  I used the sunscreen as directed on all of my kids and none of them ended up sunburned.  Admittedly I actually reapplied less often than directed as we were so busy and our skin still stayed protected (though I wouldn’t recommend that)!  TruKid sunscreen has already become a staple in our pool and beach bag.

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  • cyndi br
    July 7, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    we are outside a lot and this sunscreen works. It is very easy to apply to your skin

  • Laurajj
    June 22, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Oh I have to try this. We swim almost daily, and I hate putting all the horrible sunscreen on our little one. I LOVE the excellent rating on this brand. I have to get some of this for our little one! Would be so much safer to use!