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the organizing technique that’s saving my sanity

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We just moved. It’s insanity over here, seriously. Ok, we didn’t JUST move, but we moved about 3 weeks ago. So, close enough. With moving comes the purging…or the non-purging of some areas. You see, I wanted to get things all organized BEFORE the move, but I ran out of time. I had to get quite creative with the packing as well as the organizing AFTER we moved in.

I don’t know about you, but I have this thing for clothes. My weight has fluctuated a ton over the last 10 years due to the fact that I’ve had four kids. I’ve had quite a range and because of that, I’ve acquired a lot of clothes. Now that we are done having kids, once clothes are too big for me, I am donating or selling them. Yet, I still have a lot. And all these clothes that I want to keep need to fit somewhere.The best drawer organization technique

When it came time to organizing my dresser drawers, I knew I had to get creative. I have a lot of workout clothes, yoga pants and comfy clothes. Remember…mom of four littles. Ha! I was talking with a friend a couple years ago and she opened her drawer to share some clothes with me and I about fell to the ground with what I saw. I saw an intensely organized and OCD approved drawer and I HAD to duplicate it in my house. Matter of fact, I went home that day and emptied my drawers to attempt the look she shared with me.

How to Organize Your Dresser Drawers - Before and After


Take all your clothes out of your drawer and fold them again. I know, I know…you think they are already folded nice. They aren’t, trust me, because I thought mine were all nice in there. Once they are folded up again, make them even smaller so they can fit stacked up like mine are. You will be shocked at how much you can fit in the drawer now. My husband didn’t see what I was doing when I was doing it, but when he witnessed me putting clothes away later, he had the same reaction that I did at my friends house. Then I had to do his drawers too…how to organize so you can see all your clothes

AND YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING!! I attempted this with my kids too, but that was an utter fail. They don’t understand that you have to be all nice and not thrash around in your drawer to get your clothes.

So…now that I’ve shared MY go-to technique for dresser drawer organization, what can you share with ME???? What techniques for organization do you swear by?

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