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the song that is the anthem of every mom

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We’re in an interesting phase in our lives {my family}. In the past three weeks I’ve registered my oldest child for Middle School next year and registered my youngest for Kindergarten! Come this fall, all three of my kids will be in school all day and we’ll be navigating the ever-changing waters of Middle School. Someone hold me!

Probably more emotion-provoking is that we are going through so many “lasts” this month. Last preschool field trip. Last preschool play. Last preschool graduation. And my daughter’s last elementary Daddy Daughter Dance. Last days as an elementary student. Give me the kleenex!

So it was no surprise that this video from Nichole Nordeman had me sobbing this week! Because, let’s face it, I’m just an emotional wreck!

Mother’s Day typically does that to me. Suddenly we’re reminded that our kids grow-up at warp speed. And we have no way of making it all slow down.

So, my advice to all you moms out there this week as we prepare to be showered with handmade cards and a kitchen left in shambles after they attempted to surprise you with breakfast in bed….ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!

Remember to SLOW DOWN! Revel in picking up the broken egg off of the floor and wiping up the spilled milk. Bask in extra loads of laundry. Cherish every mess, every mistake, every boo-boo to kiss. Find joy in the little moments. Because it all goes too fast.

Now go grab your kleenex…

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