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My bags are all packed and I’m ready to go… to the hospital that is! I can’t believe that I am due with baby number 2 in just over two weeks. Time seems to have just FLOWN by with this second pregnancy… but I feel ready. Baby can come any day now. My stretched out tummy is ready for a little relief 🙂

Covered GoodsAs I planned and prepped for this baby, I couldn’t help but think back on my first pregnancy. How is this one different? What did I do to prepare for my first? What are my MUST have baby items? Immediately, my mind thought of Covered Goods! As a mommy who exclusively breastfeeds (praying I can do it again with this one!), I want to have a nursing cover that I LOVE! Baby doesn’t care if we are in public… she will want to eat when she wants to eat regardless of location. Since I am one who like to remain covered while nursing (I already loose enough privacy as a mom with little gremlins following me into the bathroom. haha), I need a product that I can use over and over and over again… and still LOVE!

The Covered Goods nursing cover is so phenomenal I don’t know where to start. Perhaps with how insanely soft it is? When you pull your cover out of the packaging, your hands are met by some of the softest material you have ever felt. But what is so awesome about this material is how stretchy it is! The recoil is amazing. After nursing my first child for 2 years using my Covered Goods nursing cover (you can see that review HERE!), the material has maintain it’s shape!

And the shape is great. I love the design of this cover! There were many times I was nursing in a restaurant when someone would walk behind me. Before my Covered Goods days… people could look right down at my child nursing despite the cover (sooooo not a fan of the nursing covers with rings!), but with Covered Goods, the material stretches with you and keeps you completely covered. Keep both arms in. Pop and arm out so that you can eat while your child eats. Or wear it as a scarf when not in use. The possibilities are great with this cover!

So if you are a nursing mama or have a friend who is… you NEED a Covered Goods nursing cover. It’s already packed in my hospital bag and ready to go!

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