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let’s discuss how taking photos can turn in to a donation to a great cause {#SoMuchMore #sponsored}

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I’m sharing #SoMuchMore in my life as part of a JOHNSON’S® + Save the Children Partnership sponsored series for Socialstars™

Imagine how simple it would be if every photo shared on social media had a donation dollar amount attached to it. I mean, wouldn’t that be simple great! Ask and you shall receive. I have recently learned about Donate a Photo, and I’m THRILLED to be sharing it with you today in hopes that YOU will take the initiative to do it and SHARE too! Here’s the simple facts about Donate a Photo. For every photo shared through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson give $1 to a cause YOU want to help out! For example, you could choose from the following:

Donate a Photo screen image

  • Save the Children – where a photo helps a child succeed in learning and life
  • Girl Up – where a photo helps a girl in Guatemala in school
  • Operation Smile – where a photo helps heal a child’s smile with surgery
  • USO – where a photo helps a deployed service member make a phone call home
  • Born Free Africa – where a photo helps keep a baby HIV free
  • Baby Buggy – where a photo helps provide a crib to a family in need
  • PFLAG – where a photo helps protect a child from bullying

Donate a Photo app process

The first cause I mentioned, Save the Children, is doing really great things that I’ve learned about too and wanted to share with you.

See how simple it is to make a change in this world? Isn’t it great when people come together, and all do just something little. BIG things happen!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Donate a Photo app…via the Google Play store or the iOS app store.
  2. Choose the charity – SO many to choose from! And something to note when choosing a charity, if you pick Save the Children®, JOHNSON’S® will triple its donation! They are focused and reaching towards helping with early childhood programs.Save the Children gives support to 300,000 US children in need! JOHNSON’S® is right on board with this mission and wants to help make an impact on children’s development, cognitive, social and emotional.
  3. Take a shot! You can take it via the Donate a Photo app or your camera roll.
  4. Share, share, share! It will also be included in the Donate a Photo gallery where you can post on all your social media channels encouraging others to join you. By doing this, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to the cause you choose.
  5. The JOHNSON’S® + Save the Children campaign ends 12/19 though!! So, I think you all should do this every day until then! AND…for each day that one of our readers does this, and tags us on IG with #theSIMPLEmoms, we will be sure to do the same!!

IMG_0049Another pretty great thing about this, for those Type A’s like myself. You can track the causes you’ve helped out. I LOVE that! In addition, you will get notified when causes you’ve helped out reach their goals. What’s not to love about this? I’m diggin’ it!!

And last thing, it’s a FREE APP!

This whole thing is so much more than an app though. You are helping people, but there are people

So, won’t you take some picture with me, perdy please? I’d LOVE to see what you are going to share, and in return, who you choose to donate too.

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