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stop dreading the scale with quantum scale

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Quantum Scale

The Quantum Scale is a revolutionary new personal weight loss product that gets real results! If you dread stepping on your current bathroom scale only to see that three-digit number staring up at you, you’ll love the Quantum Scale. That’s right, now there’s a scale that you’ll love to step on! How it works the first time you use the scale, it registers (but does not display) your weight, storing it in the scale’s memory.

Quantum Scale

The Quantum Scale is a precise digital weight – tracking device designed to keep you focused and motivated. The 2-in-1 model works both in Quantum Intelligence mode for those who only care about pounds gained or lost since their last weigh-in who do not want to see their weight or select conventional mode to check your actual weight. It also features six-person weight tracking, large color LCD display, and once-a-day lock-out mode.

Quantum Scale

By helping you focus on how far you’ve come rather than how far you have to go, the Quantum Scale rewards you with new found enthusiasm and a greater sense of accomplishment through a positive mind/body connection that grows stronger each time you step on the scale. Gone is that three-digit number you’re obsessed with reaching! Also gone is that self-defeating reminder that you’re not meeting society’s self-imposed (and often unrealistic) standards no matter what your body type.


Quantum Scale

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