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wildkinlogo_18393936870_oIt seems like every few years, we need to update backpacks.  In preschool, a small backpack could carry a change of clothes and the few papers that would come to and from school. By elementary school, a larger backpack is needed to carry a lunch box, snack bag, gym shoes, folders and a book or two.  As kids get older, they may need to transport laptops or tablets to school along with larger textbooks.  The capacity just keeps getting bigger!  Thankfully Wildkin has a backpack for every purpose–from preschool packs to rolling backpacks to sports gear bags. 002

My daughter is getting to the age where she needs to be able to transport quite a bit with her to school.  And soon one of the things she will be lugging back and forth is a laptop.  I don’t want her to have to carry a backpack as well as a laptop case, but I want her computer to be protected, so I will thrilled to find the “Serious Backpack” from Wildkin.  This backpack is large enough to carry all of her books and folders and also has a padded compartment that will fit a tablet or 15″ laptop.  There are 5 pockets in the pack as well as 2 water bottle holders (which is great for keeping water away from books and computers).  The water-resistant lining also helps keep things dry inside the bag.


With a backpack that can fit SO.  MUCH.  STUFF, I was a bit concerned about the comfort of carrying such a large load.  It’s inevitable that a lot will be coming to and from school, but I’d like to make sure my tiny daughter is as comfortable as she can be while loaded down with that much gear!  Wildkin has made sure that the straps of the “Serious Backpack” are padded and the padded waist straps are perfect for transferring some of the weight to the hips so her shoulders aren’t carrying it all. Not only is the Wildkin backpack perfectly suited for everything my daughter needs, but it looks great, too!  

Wildkin is known for their fun, bright prints and they have so many options for kids from preschool through teen.  She loves the bright stripes of this print, but also liked so many other prints that it was really hard to choose!  My toddler son has the Wildkin rolling luggage in the Under Construction print, which is perfect for a little boy who loves trucks and there are some great camo and zigzag prints for older boys as well. Check out all of the different Wildkin backpack options.  What would you or your child like the most? wildkincollage

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  • Jaime
    August 25, 2015 at 10:30 am

    I just love the bag you chose. How fun. The colors are so bright. Looks like she loves it!!