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the real co.: single origin foods

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therealcologoFarm to fork.  It’s all the rage in restaurants–and for good reasons.  But when shopping at the store or online for groceries, it’s hard to know where your food actually comes from.  I can’t just stop by my local farmer’s market for rice, sugar or rock salt, but how can I know what companies are producing foods that support sustainability and offer the best health benefits for my family?  The Real Co. was founded on the principle of transparency and tracing your food back to its roots. TheRealCoRice

Every food from The Real Co. is non-GMO, organic and traceable to a single farm or family.  Because they are a straight farm-to-market company, The Real Co foods cost less than most competitors because they cut out the middlemen.  And the workers on these farms are paid fair wages, so the relationship between the farms and The Real Co is beneficial for both parties.  Take a look at your pantry and see if you can figure out where you food comes from.  In my own little test, I found a few products that I could trace to a single country (but certainly not a single farm), but the majority I couldn’t trace at all.  For all I know, my sugar is harvested from many different farms and countries all over the world.  I love knowing where my food comes from.

My family eats quite a bit of rice, so we were happy to try out The Real Co. white Basmati rice.  I cooked up a small bag (which made a TON) and seasoned it with The Real Co pink Himalayan rock salt.

007TheRealCoSaltWe also love using The Real Co pink Himalayan rock salt in lieu of table salt or sea salt on roasted vegetables and even in baking.  Plus there’s just something fun about seasoning your food with pink salt.  Initially my daughter said “I can’t believe you want us to eat salt with food coloring in it!” Then I explained that there’s no food coloring–the salt is actually naturally pink!

The Real Co also has organic raw cane sugar which I hope to try soon.  Evidently everyone else is excited to try it since it was out of stock when I placed my order!

How do you feel about single origin foods?  What would you like to try from The Real Co? TheRealCoProducts

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