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One of my least favorite household tasks has to be cleaning my kitchen floors. I have big off white ceramic tiles with black grout. Not black because it’s dirty, but that’s the color the previous owner used. I have noticed that when I clean the floor with my wetjet, the grout isn’t getting scrubbed. The bubbles from the spray pools up in between the tiles leaving a film. The dirt also collects in the grout leaving them dirtier. It’s a frustrating job that doesn’t show a whole lot of reward for my mopping efforts. Thus, MY LEAST FAVORITE CLEANING JOB.

I was pumped to try out Grout Genie pads. There is a center divide with a built in scrub brush of sorts that gets deep into the grout. I just line it up with the tile grout lines and push the mop back and forth. After I get the grout cleaned, I go over the floor with the finishing pads for the final wipe down. Grout Genie has made my life easier to be certain. I don’t have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub crusted milk out of the grout because the pad couldn’t reach into that groove.

grout genie

The pads are disposable, but they are  more of a fabric material so I feel like they clean more efficiently because they are sturdier. I really like the finishing pads on my laminate floors as well. There are 8 finishing pads in a box plus 2 more with the grout brush. A pad is expected to clean about 500 linear feet. That’s an average size kitchen. Since they are disposable,  just toss them when you are done. Easy peasy.

Grout Genie pads will be available in stores this October or you can buy them online HERE. Who wants to win a box of these Grout Genie Pads? Please note, you have to already have a Swiffer Wetjet mop because that’s not included in the giveaway.

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