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fancy style happening in the bathroom with Ohuhu

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ohuhuOhuhu is a new brand to me. It is a website full of all kinds of products and useful things.  Mostly all of their products can be found on, guess where?, Amazon! Yup, my go to place to find anything.
They have Ohuhu line on amazon and I got to review several of their products.  You know, just household products that everyone needs.  The basics to make your life a little easier.  First of all, let me tell you about the Ohuhu® fashionably durable quality stainless steel portable motion activated hands free soap/liquid touch-free sanitizer dispenser with built-in infrared smart sensor.

I needed something in our bathroom to keep the kids from using so much soap when they wash their hands.  We have been going through soap like water.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought this would be the perfect solution because it only gives you out a certain amount and that’s it.  You just put your hand under the spout and the soap comes out. The same amount every time. I know this will make the soap last much longer as it is quite large and holds quite a bit of soap so I don’t have to refill it very often.


This was very easy to put together and it is very sturdy.  I am confident it will be able to stay in one spot without falling over.

Not only does it look great in our bathroom but it fits with the decor.  I am very excited to have this dispenser in our bathroom.

What do you do to wash the germs away? Do you have a soap dispenser like this to help you out?


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