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LilFan1Earlier this week we were walking out to the van, going down the same steps we’ve gone down hundreds of times and WHACK! Down she went, scraping her head, her lip, her chin, her knee, her leg, and – worst of all – her tooth. Yep. There is was, hanging by a thread. We had to rush to the dentist and have it pulled and now my little lady will be snaggle-toothed until her adult tooth comes in.

It’s natural to want to protect your children, to want to wrap them in bubble wrap until they’re old enough to not fall down several times a day. But that’s just not practical, is it? You have to let them step out on their own and experience life. And that means that sometimes they will get hurt.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t do your best to make sure they don’t get hurt! We hold hands when we’re crossing the parking lot. We make sure a grownup is nearby and watching when they’re in the pool. We make sure they wear helmets when they ride bikes. And we make sure they’re strapped in safe and sound when we pull out of the driveway.

Each of my children have stayed in 5-point harness seats until they absolutely wouldn’t fit any more. I feel like that’s important. Once they got too tall or too heavy or too long, we’d move them into a high-back booster. We’ve had a lot of car seats these past 10 years and this new LilFans club car booster is by far the kids’ favorite. We areΒ huge University of Georgia fans. Go Dawgs! Woof! Woof! My kids know the cheers and sing the fight song. We have UGA art in the house, UGA picture frames, our UGA diplomas in big, pretty frames. We love Georgia. A lot. So when this seat was delivered my littlest li’l fan was so excited!

While she and I both like the looks of the seat, she doesn’t care much about safety. I, however, care a lot about safety. These seats are all top quality. The shoulder belt guide is one of the best I’ve seen. The strap doesn’t wiggle loose and it’s hard for little fingers to get it out (which has been a problem for us before). The headrest is adjustable so that the seat can grow with your child and once they out grow the headrest completely, you can just remove the back and convert it to a regular booster. This is a seat that will last a long time.

LilFans carrys NFL, MLB, and Officially Licensed Collegiate Merchandise, so if you have a favorite team, they probably have a seat for your li’l fan, too!

Want to save 20% off of your LilFans seat? Simply enter TSM20 discount code when you check out!

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