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the lalaloopsy stretchy hair doll #StretchAcrossUSA

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Lalaloopsy-LogoMy daughter is just getting into LalaLoopsy these days. When have seen the TV show a couple times and she has expressed she liked it but I was curious is she would like the dolls too. When the new stretchy hair doll came out I knew she would love it.  She was pretty excited to see it waiting on her bed when she got home one day.  This doll is the craze these days. With the fun colors and stretchy hair, your daughter is sure to have some fun with this.
Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair has hair that stretches 3x its original length!

  • you can style her hair as wacky and silly as you want
  • create many hair-dos by stretching her hair super long then mold it into a braid, twist or spiral
  • the style will stay until you’re ready do it again, and again

My daughter loves to play with her own hair and my hair, so this was perfect.  She can do things over and over again with her hair.  Stretch it as far as her arms will let her.  She loves to twist it up and style it on top of her head.  It’s pretty cute.  It’s the first toy she shows her friends when she comes over.  The joy in playing with it is then shared with the friend.  It is too fun watching them both play with it.  I love that it even comes with 4 barrettes to put in her hair as well. It helps keep the style you create.


You know this isn’t the only doll out there.  Go check out their site and see what other dolls they have.  I am sure your daughter would love any of them.

So, would your daughter play with the stretchy hair Lalaloopsy doll?

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    Julie Wood
    May 14, 2015 at 10:37 am

    This is such an adorable doll that you can stretch its hair all the way out! My niece would love one of these dolls. I would love to get it for her birthday!

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