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protect your baby’s bottom with baby butz cream :: review

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317kYe94EcLWe have been dealing with a GI bug in our house for the past few days. I received the dreaded call from daycare stating my daughter was the second baby to vomit within 10 minutes so I rushed over to pick her up. Shortly after getting home, without a repeat vomiting incident {thank gosh}, the GI bug hit the other end. After changing several diapers in a very short time,  I noticed my daughter’s bottom was starting to get red and irritated, despite me using our usual bottom cream. Thankfully, I remembered I had been sent a couple jars of Baby Butz cream to review and thought it was worth a try. I am happy report even though we are on day 3 of this stomach bug my daughter’s bottom is in perfect condition despite going through several diapers an hour.

product1Baby Butz cream is a diaper rash treatment that is both a barrier and healing cream. It is made from All-Natural Ingredients and licensed as a Natural Health Product. Baby Butz cream is the safest and most effective diaper cream available without a prescription. You may be thinking, what makes this cream different from other creams out there? Well, Baby Butz cream does NOT contain perfume, alcohol or chemicals, unlike most of the leading brands. It’s thick, creamy consistency enables it to adhere to the skin to not only protect from diaper rash but also to heal it, it also provides complete overnight protection. Baby Butz cream on diaper rash will immediately stop the pain caused by skin irritation.

image1-4After seeing how quickly Baby Butz cream healed my daughters bottom it will be our go to bottom cream to help protect her from diaper rash irritation. If you’re looking for a natural diaper rash creme try out Baby Butz creme.

Baby Butz creme is available on Amazon.


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