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zabada_logo_portrait_ORANGE_tag_RGBIsn’t it our goal in life to keep our kids safe from harmful things? Do you know what harmful things you have in your house? I mean as far as cleaning supplies and chemicals go? When I found out how easy it was to clean without the harmful chemicals in the cleaning supplies, I knew Zabada was going to stay in our home.

Zabada is a chemical free, cost efficient and environmentally friendly micro fiber cleaning product. Unlike traditional cleaning products, Zabada products remove 99% of harmful bacteria just by using water—all you need to do is wet, wipe and dry.  Zabada’s ultra-fine and unique thick-pile fibers replace the whole yucky chemical process to achieve an unbeatable result. It’s a deep-cleaning mechanical process that shaves off and traps the dirt, grease and bacteria deep in the fiber, and only releases them when the fibers are washed. Zabada fibers outperform traditional cloths soaked in bleach, anti-bacterial cloths and other microfibers on the market.Zabada-Kitchen

Zabada is on a mission to rid homes and the planet of poisonous chemical cleaners. By using products that are scientifically proven to clean better, faster and healthier – millions of Australians and Europeans have already made the switch to Zabada.

I received two products from Zabada and I am thoroughly impressed with the cleaning abilities they have.  The kitchen cleaning glove and the kitchen marvel.  The glove cleans kitchen counters, cooktops, tiles and ovens.  It removes grease and grime with water only. The best part is that it lasts 2-3 years while saving money and reducing waste.  After cleaning with the glove you then take the marvel cloth and wipe because it dries and shines kitchen your counters, cupboard doors, backsplash and oven fronts. It leaves a streak-free and lint-free finish. It removes all moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria. Then lastly it keeps your surfaces clean longer.

I am pleased with the two products and how well they clean up messes and clean my kitchen.  I love that you just throw them in the wash when its time and bam! you can use it again.

How it works:

We need to keep our house free of harmful chemicals for our children.  Please check out Zabada and give it a shot.  Your home will thank you!

Kitchen Glove :: $40.00
Kitchen Marvel :: $30.00      

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  • Denise Taylor-Dennis
    October 21, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Microfiber cloths are such a great way to clean, I’ve been using them for years now.