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kick up your feet (and declutter too!) with brylane home…and shop for #BackToSchool

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530739_483519385021757_918528584_n Not a day goes by that I don’t look at my living room and think, “Where on earth did all this stuff come from?” With three little mess makers frolicking about, my house is a little like a toy store gone mad. Sometimes it feels pointless to put it all away when it is going to end up in the same spot tomorrow. Which is why I am smitten with my BrylaneHome extra large storage ottoman. Smitten, I say.

Not only is it the perfect size to double as a kid-friendly play area, it also has ample space inside it to stow away a whole living room of toys in a matter of moments. The design is super sleek and I love love love its chocolatey brown color. Plus, it is big enough to replace our coffee table and still serve the same purpose (never once has coffee been served on this table; it is kid space, through and through).


I absolutely love things that are both fashionable and functional and that is exactly what this piece is. My kids love it because it is oh-so comfy to sit on plus they think it is so fun to hide their toys inside it. I love that we can clean up the room in a way that makes sense for kids who love to take the same toys out day after day. Plus we all know that there is nothing like putting up your feet after a long day. So sit back, relax and let BrylaneHome make your house feel more like a home again (and less like a toy store!).

ottoman openBrylane Home is also great for some Back to School shopping! Who would have thought? You can get a large assortment of items in their Dorm Essentials area. I see things in this section for big kids and small kids alike.IMG_6082

So, in a nut shell…if you are a mom, student or have a place of your own to call home (did I include everyone yet??), then Brylane Home has it for you! You can’t NOT go on there and find something fabulous for a great deal. I dare ya!

What is catching your eye at Brylane Home today?

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BrylaneHome Extra Wide Leather Look Ottoman with Studs :: $299.99 (on sale right now for $119.99!)


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  • Sarah Hayes
    August 9, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    I love this. it looks really nice and the storage is so nice to have. i wish the one we have had the storage space in it