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sex tape – because we all need a little more humor in our life :: opening july 18th

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This post was sponsored by SONY through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about SONY, all opinions are my own.

Sex Tape. Does the name give you a bit of anxiety when reading it? When I first heard the name, I thought there was NO way I would be watching this movie and no possible way I would watch the trailer. HOWEVER….was I wrong and SO glad I DID watch the trailer. The trailer alone had me rolling at my computer desk chair. When I told my husband about the movie, he stopped me mid sentence and started laughing because he had watched the trailer the day before.

Sex Tape opens in theaters everywhere on July 18th and stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. It’s a Revealing Comedy from the Director of Bad Teacher. Think…spicing up your marriage and the fail of your attempt at “spice” being broadcasted across your entire network of people. Welp! See how it unfolds in this hilarious movie.

Check out what I’m talking about…

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Now that you watched it, what do you think? Epically funny, right? Another thing in my head that cracks me up is what I come across auto-correct fails on the computer. There have been break-ups and make-ups and everything in between! I put together some that I found, because that would SO be me. Not reading before I hit send. This reminds me of the fail that happened in the movie, except in the hand held technology realm.

auto correct fail 2
auto correct fail 1
auto correct fail 3images found *here*.

I give the movie characters and all the people sending texts shown above, mad props for trying to reignite the romance in the relationship. I wish it would have been a little more smooth however! lol!

Now that I have you excited about Sex Tape, and hopefully at least laughing from watching the trailer, who are you going to check out the movie with? We already have a date night in the books to go see it with some of our good friends! What do you think? It is opening in theaters July 18th, start planning your night out today!

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