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zoe b organic :: it’s time to mother nature :: natursutten :: review

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zoe b organic :: it's time to mother nature :: natursutten :: review

zoe b organic :: it's time to mother nature :: natursutten :: reviewIf there is one thing I have learned 3 babies into this momma-hood thing, it is…babys chew on *everything* and put *everything* in their mouths! Don’t they though?!

Chewing and sucking on toys, teethers, and paccies is just inevitable as a baby, so we might as well find them fantastic teething and paccie designs made from safe materials, right?

zoe b organic :: it's time to mother nature :: natursutten :: reviewI was really looking forward to trying the Natursutten star teether and pacifier from Zoe B Organic. (You can read my original review for Zoe B Organic HERE!). 100%, natural, untreated rubber! BPA and nitrosamines free! No phthalates or PVC!

I was curious how baby Caitlyn would like the texture.

I have never felt anything more close to what it must feel like for Caitlyn to nurse than this paccifier. My babies have *hated* all paccifiers – I have tried them ALL. Caitlyn took right to this paccie like she had been sucking on it all along. The gaurd around the nipple is sized to snug up against their noses so it feels like nursing! And it is super soft and squishy. She does suck on it some but at this point mostly chews on it. It keeps her happy for car rides and that makes momma happy! I have it linked up in her carseat now as a permanent fixture.

zoe b organic :: it's time to mother nature :: natursutten :: review

And I have the star teether in a permanent spot on the changing table. Diaper changes have become…interesting lately! She is SO busy! But if she has something to play with or chew on, it does make them go a bit better. She loves chewing on the Natursutten star teether! It is the same soft, squishy texture as the paccifier – feels just like momma and perfect for gumming and sucking. The great star shape is perfect for little hands to hold as well.

zoe b organic :: it's time to mother nature :: natursutten :: review
I will definitely be putting a Natursutten pacifier and teether in every new momma gift from now on – this momma of 3 is super impressed!

Natursutten Paccifier :: $9.00
Natursutten Star Teether :: $15.00

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  • Shannon
    April 22, 2014 at 9:25 am

    That picture is adorable at the bottom!! πŸ™‚

    • Renee
      April 22, 2014 at 9:31 am

      I could NOT get her to sit still for a picture with the paccie – just ask my husband – we tried like everyday for a week! I had to strap her in the carseat with the paccie just to get it ! LOL

  • Janet W.
    April 22, 2014 at 8:56 am

    The Natursutten Star Teether sounds great and safe for baby! Wish I had that for my grandsons when they were younger!