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get your #springfashion at the children’s place :: review

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The Children’s Place is a very popular clothing company that is well known in my family!  With having two kids, you need to find good deals and quality clothing.  That’s exactly what you will find at The Children’s Place.
I have been shopping there ever sine my kids were newborn.  My most favorite item then carry is their pajamas.  The best ever!  That’s the only ones my kids wore til they grew out of them.  They are the fabulous zip pajamas with footies.  Perfect for the middle of the night changes.

Let’s move onto what we got for spring fashion this year.  With so many great deals and fun styles, I chose a cute little outfit for my daughter and two shirts for my son.  I love the longer style shorts on my daughter, so that’s what I got.  A pair of plaid ones!  They are soo cute and stylish.  I paired it with a cute ruffle lace tank.  Everything always fits perfectly, from this store, on my kids.

I got a pink polo shirt and a tank for my son.  Boys CAN wear pink!  It is a neon pink, which seems to be the trend this year.  You can pair both of these with a pair of these with denim, khakis or whatever you choose. They are very versitale.


I always love that there is a coupon floating around for TCP.  Plus, if you have their credit card you can get an additional percent off all the time, on TOP of the coupon.  We all love to get deals.  It’s even better when the items are on sale as well.

The Children’s Place has so much fashion and style, you will definitely find some great trends for your kids.

Now go and check out their spring and summer fashion!

Lace ruffle tank :: $12.95
Plaid skimmer shorts :: $16.95
Neon Polo :: $12.50
Sporty matchables tank :: $9.95

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  • Sandra VanHoey
    April 24, 2014 at 9:40 am

    My sister and I were there a few weeka ago and got some of the cutest things for her grandchildren there and really found a lot of great sales as well.

  • Janet W.
    April 24, 2014 at 8:57 am

    I love shopping at The Children’s Place for my grandsons! They always have the cutest styles!