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smart parenting with innobaby :: review

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innobabyInnobaby is not new to SIMPLE, we have been featuring them for years. Check out the reviews Shannon did on some of their products here, here and here. Kate did one on their bottles here.  Definitely check out those to see why we love Innobaby so much.  Today though, I have for you a couple different products from Innobaby!innobaby5

Innobaby always has some great innovative solutions for the everyday parenting households.  I received the Din Din Smart stainless spoon & fork set, Drink & juice box holder, along with the 5 tier smart packin’ container. First, let me tell you that we love every single one of these products. We use them just about every day.inno1

First up, is the Din Din spoon and fork set, I send this with my son in his lunch because it has a nice little carry case.  The fork and spoon are the perfect size for little hands to grab.  They have long and sturdy handles that are designed to work as a great transition utensil into adult silverware.

Next is the drink and juice box holder and let me tell you my daughter thinks this is the coolest thing.  These can hold several different size boxes.  My favorite part is that we do not have juice or water all over the floor anymore because she can’t squeeze them. It’s perfect!  Large handles make it easy for the little ones to hold on to it!

Now I introduce, the Packin’ SMART!  It is a space-saving storage solution for all your small essentials.  De-stuff your bag while on-the-go, stash away the small items in your drawer, de-clutter by stacking separate containers in your cabinet, and put an end to lose items!  Get Smart and Get Organized with all your small essentials with our stacking & interlocking containers. Another great use for this, and how I use it the most, is for snacks.  My kids are never ending hungry, so keeping small snacks on hand is a must.  With this container, I can keep a variety of snacks in it to keep my kids happy!  Easy to open, easy to close and easy to share.

What would make your life easier from Innobaby? Check out all their great products!

Din Din Smart™ Stainless Spoon & Fork Set / Pink :: $9.99
Packin SMART® Drink & Juice Box Holder/ Elephant / Strawberry Sorbet :: $5.99
Packin’ SMART® 5 Tier Essentials / Pink / White :: $19.99

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