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a simple tip :: setting family goals for 2014

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When it comes to New Year Resolutions, people either love them, hate them, or make them but refuse to say they actually did. I tend to fall more in that third category.

I think I find myself to be anti-Resolutions because they seem so finite. So set in stone. Looming over my head, waiting for me to fail. Dun-Dun-Duuuunnnnn!!!!

Dramatic? Just a bit.

So, this year we’re going to focus on setting goals as a family rather than making a list of Resolutions! Super easy to do and a fun way to get the whole family in on it!


Each person in the family will write down one or two or three goals they are hoping to reach personally in 2014. It’s between them and the pen and paper. They don’t have to tell everyone because we don’t need them looming over our heads throughout the year. For example, Talon (he’s only 2 so I’ll be “helping” him with is this year) will have two goals — rock this potty-training thing and become comfortable going to Sunday School/Child Care at church.

Then have the family brainstorm one or two goals for the family as a whole. Ours are :: Find a hobby the whole family can enjoy together and save up enough money to go to Disney in late 2014 or early 2015.

SoHappiTogether_markers41{image courtesy of SoHappiTogether}

Once everyone has their goals written out, fold them up and place them in a little box or tin labeled “2014 Goals”. If you’re feeling super fun, bury the tin in the yard and dig it up again on New Years Eve 2014 (just remember where you buried it). Or, if you’re like me and have two feet of snow  covering a frozen yard, place that a little tin on a shelf and let it collect an adorable amount of dust until December 31, 2014.

Now, even though you don’t know everyone’s goals for 2014, you can still encourage each other! Just simply ask your kids, “How are you coming on your 2014 goals?” and offer to help them if they need it. They don’t need to necessarily tell you their goals but they’ll appreciate the encouragement and support!

Do you or your family set Resolutions or Goals for the New Year? 

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