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what to do with all that halloween candy :: a simple tip

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Halloween is now five days behind us but, for some of us, we’re still reminded of it daily as we have mounds of candy sitting on the counter and our pants are fitting a little more snug these days.

It’s really quite amazing. Despite the very small bags we use while trick or treating and the very short amount of time we’re actually knocking on doors, my kids still come away as little candy bandits. And this year seems to have been one for the record books!

So, in an effort to not have that Halloween candy sitting around my house for the next few months, here are 5 ways to make use of all that Halloween Candy (after you’ve given some to the little munchkins who collected it) ::

1. Ship it away!

The easiest way to get rid of the candy is to literally get rid of it. Now, I know kids may not be a fan of this. After all, they worked hard at knocking on those doors and showing their best manners with all their “thank-you’s” and “Happy Halloween’s”. So, consider letting them pick out a small bag full of their favorites and then putting together a spooky-fun care package for a niece away at college, a friend overseas, or our troops. They get to indulge in some sweets, you can involve your kids in making the package super fun, and you GET RID OF THE CANDY!

2. Trade it!

While candy is never popular with the dentist, Halloween candy is! Lots and lots of dentists will offer a trade-in program with their patients. Kids get to trade in their candy loot for other items they might actually use. Give your local dentist a call to check what they offer. Other parents like to run the route of the Candy Fairy. While it’s probably a little too late this year to introduce your kids to the candy fairy (or not), it’s a great way to get kids to give away their candy in the hopes of getting something else they really want. Just be sure not to leave the candy sitting in the top cabinet where kids can stumble upon it and totally bust the Candy Fairy (i.e. review idea #1 above). The NewHomemaker talks about the Halloween Fairy over here.

3. Save it for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

A lot of those little Halloween candies make for great accessories in your Thanksgiving or Christmas treat preparations. Many candy favorites help build these adorable Turkey treats from

017496e5493b316daef6580048473087image courtesy of

And just think of all the ways you can use that Halloween candy when making gingerbread houses with the kids this year! With all the candy we collected, we could make an entire gingerbread town….and we just  might!

52938be66dd4ffc843ae7de6592d5848image  courtesy of pinterest

4. Desserts, desserts, and more desserts!

There are tons of desserts you can add candy bits to. So, as you’re accepting all those invitations to holiday parties and gatherings and you’re just not sure what dish to bring, consider making a fun dessert and using some of the Halloween candy. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Mini Cheesecakes anyone? Maybe a Kit Kat Cake? Or one of my personal favorites :: The Pioneer Woman’s Quick Candy Cookies. These are super easy to make and you can make them with the assortment of candy you have lying around!

5. Family Night Sweet Treat!

Keep some of that candy {hidden away} and indulge as a family on your next family night! If you’re headed off to the movie, take a little bag of candy for everyone to snack on. Have a movie night at home with the same idea. Or use the candy to create your own ice cream sundaes or blizzards!

Hopefully one of those ideas will help you get rid of some of your Halloween candy and you won’t be sitting there at Valentine’s Day, staring at bags full of candy that you stuffed in the top of your kitchen cabinets. Or, worse yet, staring at empty bags of candy in about 3 weeks, wondering why everyone in the house needs to go shopping for new {and bigger} pants.

What other ways do you get rid of the Halloween candy in your house?

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