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getting jiggy with @littletikes wiggimals :: review

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little tikes logoIf you are looking for a fun and inexpensive toy that your little one will love this Holiday season, look no further. I have it for you today!  For $14.99, you can get a Wiggimals for your little one, and kids of older ages that have younger siblings can interact with too!

Wiggimals start off as a cuddly creature the kids want out of the package immediately.  Upon getting it out of the package, with a simple squeeze, the little guy is rambling and moving over the ground.  It gets your little one who may sit a lot in one place, up and moving to catch the Wiggimals.  While the Wiggimals doesn’t go fast by any means, it moves just enough to get some good chuckles going on!wiggimals cowWiggimals come in a few different styles.  I have the cow as you can see, but you can get this also in a sheep, pig and chicken too.  The faces are simply adorable on each of them.  My 2 year old daughter still cracks up every time it gets rockin’ and rolling with the wiggles.  It’s something fun that my girls have been playing with together off and on.

There is an on and off switch, but thankfully this toy is not annoying, so we don’t depend on this.  The only time we have actually had to turn it off is when my Preslee has wanted to bring it to bed with her 🙂

Super cute and fun toy that your little one would love.  I highly encourage you to pick it up today! What style Wiggimals would YOU choose?

wiggimals :: $14.99

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  • Olivia Rubin
    December 2, 2013 at 9:14 am

    I just checked out their website and I like the pig,,but even more I really like the on/off switch. So many toys like this you simply squeeze a hand and it goes off. I like that your little one can sleep,with it and not have it wiggle them from their sleep. And it is at a reasonable price.