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mad pax logoWhat is it about Back to School time?  It’s exciting for a majority of kids.  When you think back to school, what is the first thing “back to school” that you think of?  Is it the back to school clothes shopping? It typically is for me, except this year my daughter’s found some back packs that are going to be with them for years!

Have you heard of Mad Pax?  I first saw them in 2011 at a trade show.  To be honest with you, they had me from first sight.  I suppose I was just waiting for my girls to see them before I knew they would be in our house.  I adore these unique little back packs!!

Mad Pax Packs

We received a Streamers Full Pack for my 2nd grader.  There are just enough pockets and the quality is simply great!  There is an image below showing exactly how large these are – comparison wise.  The large section of the bag itself is split in to two areas.  One area we place her homework and library book for the week. I would say you could fit about 3-4 library books in there if need be.  You could also fit a laptop or tablet for bigger kids, if it’s required at school.

We also received a Pink a Dot Half Pack for my preschooler. How awesome and generous, right??? 🙂 You guys, I can’t begin to tell you HOW cute my girls are when they walk together sporting their Mad Pax backpacks.  They are both loving them and haven’t had any regrets.  Plus, compliments abound and I know of a few people who have purchased some for their kids now too!

Mad Pax Streamers Full Pack

Not only are these fabulous for children, but how about us adults!  Yes, these will work for you too!  Matter of fact, I have seen these at trade shows!!  With the interior pockets, in addition to the pockets on the outside, this is a great eye-catcher and first impression maker business bag…if you can swing it!  The slot in the backpack that I mentioned with my 2nd grader’s bag could fit a lap top perfectly!

If you are looking for a statement back pack.  If you are looking for a high QUALITY backpack.  If you are looking for a back pack that will last a few years, look no further.  Honestly. It’s right here…

mad pax backpacks

spiketus rex full pack :: $60
spiketus rex half pack :: $32

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