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Thankful Heart ThursdayHappy Thankful Heart Thursday!!  This post was an easy one for me because I am just so overcome with joy over a series of events that took place this week!  Let me just get right into it, then.

We have had a porch pal for the last few weeks.  A cute little cat that we named Picky-Picky after the cat in the Ramona and Beezus movie.  This cat was just beautiful.  At first glance, you’d say it was a black cat, but when the light hit her, there were variations of brown in her fur as well.  It was her eyes that drew me in at first glance, though.  Just the prettiest green that you have ever seen!! I was leary at first to let Lexi too close given that some outdoor cats turn rough soon after hitting the streets.  This was no ordinary street cat, though.

Picky-Picky was quite obviously someone’s house cat.  She was so loving, longing for attention, and she was super clean, too.  She definitely hadn’t been on the streets for long and our porch must have been one of her first stops.  While we absolutely loved her at first sight, we knew that we couldn’t bare to think of her trying to survive through the elements as fall and winter draw near.  So, after a couple weeks of making sure she was fed and played with each day, a neighbor and decided she needed to find a home.

It was recommended that we take her to the Humane Society as their facilities are much cleaner than the local shelters, so we set a day and took her over there.  We(being first-timers in this situation) had no idea that an appointment is necessary for any and all drop offs, so we had to set an appt for the next afternoon. We brought her back home and prayed that the storm that night wouldn’t be too rough for her.  In the mean time, though, I was talking to a friend about the situation and she informed me of the Humane Society’s policy and of how long they would keep a cat before euthanizing.  I WAS SHOCKED to say the least!  She then went on to tell me of another, MUCH BETTER, option.  Lake Haven Rescue is an all-volunteer, private, non-profit animal rescue shelter dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless and/or injured dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies in the West Michigan area.  Click HERE to learn more about their work, their mission, and to learn how you can help!!

So, you’re probably guessing that my story ends here and that Picky-Picky is safe and sound at Lake Haven tonight.  NOPE, it gets even better!! We had made arrangements to get her over there in the next couple days when another friend came over to pick up her daughter.  The girls were outside playing with Picky and I jokingly mentioned to her that this gorgeous cat was going to be up for adoption soon.  Long story short, they had been planning to adopt another cat in the near future and just five minutes with our precious Picky-Picky sealed the deal.  They will be going through Lake Haven to get all of the necessary screenings and vaccinations done, but Picky-Picky is sleeping tonight in a warm, loving home and I can only imagine how loud she is purring!!

So, for today, I am so thankful for places like Lake Haven.  I am thankful for the people behind those places.  I am thankful for good-hearted friends, and I am thankful for the fact that sometimes things just fall into place exactly where they are meant to.  Had there been an opening at the Humane Society for Picky-Picky that day, she might not be purring so peacefully tonight.  Had I not talked to my dear friend about trying to find her a home, she would not have informed me of their policies and of an AWESOME alternate option.  AND, had I not invited a few of Lexi’s closest friends over for a back to school sleepover during this oh so busy week, our friends would not have come over to witness Picky’s sweetness for themselves.  An added bonus??  With our friends being the ones to adopt Picky-Picky, we will be able to love up on her as often as we want!!  Things really do happen for a reason, don’t they?!?!

What is it that you’re thankful for today??  If you share with me, I’ll share with you.  All you have to do is join the conversation!!  Share your thankful heart with me by commenting below and you’ll be entered into our monthly giveaway.  Super SIMPLE!!  It pays to be thankful!!

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  • andie
    September 1, 2013 at 8:29 am

    I am so thankful for the time I have each day with my husband and kids – everyday is another blessing.

  • Jennifer T.
    August 31, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    I am thankful for feeling safe and happy.

  • Laurie
    August 29, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    I am thankful for our daily bread.

  • Julia
    August 29, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    I am very thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law. She is so encouraging to me.

  • Cheryl
    August 29, 2013 at 11:56 am

    I am thankful that I had a good check up at the eye doctor. I was having a problem that could have been terrible diagnosis, but all is fine.