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healthyheart-iconI know that we’ve already been uttering those all too familiar words……BACK TO SCHOOL, but there’s still time to get your legs toned and looking great in whatever little dress you have them peeking out of.  Today’s Healthy Heart Tip is one that I have been using in my classes for years, and it’s featured in SELF Magazine right now, too!  Trust me, it’s a keeper and one that you’ll want to come back to time and time again!!

#HHTOW Weighted Plie

Here we go!!  Stand with feet hip width apart and toes pointed outward.  Hold a dumbbell or plate weight straight down from your shoulders at hip height.  Squat (as shown), then stand, rising onto the balls of your feet for one rep.  Repeat with three sets of 15 reps.

Healthy Heart Helpful Hint :: This weighted plie squat allows you to target parts of your leg that are usually a little more challenging.  With this move, you will tone the inner thigh and calves while barely breaking a sweat! Just keep your core tight, breathing in on the way down and out as you press up.  Easy peasy!!




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