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exercise your mind with beautiful thomas kinkade disney dreams puzzles from ceaco :: review

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I love puzzles. Doing puzzles is relaxing, can be done alone or in groups, and allows us to quietly and thoughtfully exercise our most important muscle: our brain. Upon completion, they provide an unequaled sense of triumph in finishing something that once looked so overwhelming.

My almost-3 year old loves puzzles. She is unbelievably proud when she finishes one all by herself. Her sense of accomplishment and the critical thinking skills that she has to use to figure out how to puzzle the pieces together are such important parts of her development. I love puzzles!

I introduced you to Ceaco’s Boston Marathon puzzle already, and in a couple of weeks I get to introduce you all to a really cool new puzzle line for littles from Ceaco that my daughter absolutely loves, but until then, I wanted to share with you a 750-piece puzzle. Check this out:

Ceaco Disney Dreams Thomas Kinkade Puzzles

Aren’t those gorgeous?!

Pinocchio Thomas kinkade Disney Dreams Ceaco

Ceaco has a long-standing relationship with Thomas Kinkade; however, their release of the Disney Dreams line of puzzles bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood, in true Disney fashion. I chose the Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star Puzzle, though it was really difficult to choose between the three! These used to only be available at Disney theme parks, but now they are available in retail locations nationwide!

Exercise your brain – work a puzzle!

Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Puzzles :: $11.99

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