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foil art fun with peaceable kingdom :: review

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Peaceable Kingdom LogoWe just love Peaceable Kingdom here at our house! Every time they come out with a new product we try I am impressed with the great quality for the price as well as how spot on they always are with what kids really enjoy.

pk_Sticker_FAK2_PicturesFoilArtKit_2Their new Foil Art Sticker Kits are no exception and I am so excited to share this new crafty fun with our readers! We were lucky enough to try the Foil Art Sticker Kit which has a 8 picture sheets with 42 holographic foil sheets to work with.

My 5-year-old promptly dove in working on her very own Foil Art Sticker Kit page and after watching all the fun she was having I will admit to using the excuse of  ‘helping’ my 3-year-old as a reason to do a page myself (don’t judge, my little helper was choosing what color foils we used for each sticker space).

Peaceable Kingdom Foil Art Sticker Kit collageThe foil art was so simple to use that even though the recommended age is 6+ my 5-year-old had no problem doing this project on her own.  All she had to do was peel the protective covering off the ‘white spaces’ on her chosen foil art sticker sheet, apply the desired color foil (sparkly color side up!), and then peel back the foil sheet. Easy as 1-2-3!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that unlike using crayons, markers, or paints to fill in the color the foil art is pretty much mess free?  The biggest clean up we had was picking back up the foil sheets and sticker backings when we were done!

Foil Art for DaddyThis is another great Peaceable Kingdom product that I would recommend having on hand for rainy days, quiet time, birthdays, or pretty much anytime you want a solid 10-15 minutes to yourself!

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Foil Art Sticker Kit :: $14.99

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